Friday, 28 March 2014

Create a patchwork quilt using large hexagons. Part 6

Looking at the hexagon rosettes.  Looking at combinations

The design process is really about to begin now.   Over the last few weeks I have created over 30 rosettes using the spare Gosford Cranberry curtain.   In addition I have created lots of hexagons in two neutral colours cream and grey.  I am not convinced they will work in the design so the only way to find out is to create hexagons and throw them in with the rest.   In addition red and yellow hexagons have been added to experiment with.
scattered hexagons and rosettes

Rosettes coordinated into groups

Next co-ordinate similar rosettes together.   I find  that doing this helps take stock of what you have created and will enable you to use them in a balanced way in your design.

floral centre
fauna centre

Above:   Surrounding a rosette with the same colour creates a completely different look.   Take time doing this and enjoy the process of eliminating the results that are wrong.   My view is that the red is far too bright against the gentle colours.  Looks a bit of an eyesore.

Above: By changing three of the hexagons from red to grey adjusts the look.   Adding another round of hexagons softens the red.
There are endless combinations.  Avoid the mistake of rushing.  Lay the hexagons and rosettes out in a place they will not be disturbed.  Return and juxtapose.   Enjoy this process.

Left:  I have removed the red altogether and created a completely different look.  I think the grey works very well, as it softens the leafy centre.  The floral red outer  rosettes will balance the centre rosette.  Keep moving the hexagons and rosettes around.

If its inconvenient to leave them in a place without disturbance, lay out and take lots of photos.  Look at the photos and decide if any changed should be made.   The look is completely changed again by removing the leaf rosettes and replacing them with combinations of floral.

Believe it or not this is a fun process and should not be rushed.  Enjoy.  Ask others what they think.  Its always good listening to other ideas.

Also think of the bedroom, the bed, furniture and flooring.  If in doubt take your work and lay out on the bed.   Get a real feel for the design, the colour balance and the ultimate look that appeals to you.

Do not be in a rush to sew together.

My next blog will take the design a step further.

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