Friday, 12 June 2015

Idea for Patchwork or Needlework Sample. Create Wearable Pocket

Idea for Patchwork or Textile Sample.  Create Wearable Pocket.

So annoying when you are chasing around, phone rings, stops before you reach it or you want to read something quickly and glasses are in another part of building.   For convenience and practical working I need to have mobile and landline phone, plus glasses and handkerchief all in one place without having to search.

Clothes with pockets never seem to work and light purses or bags can be cumbersome around the neck.

Looking for a practical use for a patchwork sample created recently, a wearable pocket was a clear winner.

Easy to make using no fraying fabric.  I used a light nylon mesh.   Cut a rectangle double the size of needlework.  Allow extra around the edges and for seams.   Cut long strip for tie, enough to go around your waist and to make a bow.   I folded tie length in half.

Sew together. 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Helen in the Sea - Textile Pictures by Jackie Wills 2015

Helen in the Sea - Textile Pictures by Jackie Wills 2015

Blog has been neglected recently, partly due to distractions and developing new ideas.

I was inspired to submit some work for selection for the 'Just Add Water' exhibition at Hannahs, Seale Hayne near Newton Abbot.  

I wanted to create a textile painting of wild sea with a swimmer.  Below is Helen in the Sea One.  

Helen in the Sea One by Jackie Wills

This work was inspired by my lovely friend Helen.   Over the years we have shared many fantastical adventures wild swimming, often in extreme conditions in the sea and rivers of Devon.  We were at the Ness Beach at Shaldon, it was a horrid day, the beach was deserted and the sea was crazy. Red stones growling as they rolled in the surf. It was agony to the feet.  I took a photograph as Helen walked in and tamed the sea.  I used my image to create three very different pictures of Helen in the Sea.

Helen in the Sea, building interpretation with paint on canvas and denim

Using ecru canvas on the left and distressed denim on the right I built my interpretation with paint. Texture was applied with machine embroidery, couching with thread and wool. Voile provided further subtile texture. A few other haberdashery oddments were sewn in to finish.   The works then framed.

detail, Helen in the Sea Two by Jackie Wills

Above:  Helen in the Sea One by Jackie Wills 2015