Saturday, 28 October 2017

Mind Cleansing. Letting go and passing on cherished possessions.

Mind Cleansing.  Letting go and passing on cherished sewing possessions. 

Today, feeling stressed, unwell and tired, my thoughts focused on the massive quantities of textiles and haberdashery I have collected over the years, most of it vintage and beautiful.

I ventured to an ottoman and opened a box to find numerous boxes and tins from the 1960's to 80's, Crawfords Petticoat Tails shortbread tin, Benson and Hedges cigarette pack, and a beautifully faded Christian Dior 'Miss Dior' perfume box plus a well preserved toffee tin, each containing buttons matched by size, colour, texture, most in miniature plastic re-sealable polythene sachets.  All with the good intention of being 'used one day'.  I cruelly cut corners off polythene bags so the contents fell into a modern plastic container ocean full of miscellaneous buttons, clasps, buckles and hooks and eyes

I know my mind will be cleansed and less cluttered if I pass on some of my cherished vintage beautiful haberdashery and textiles to people I know, who will appreciate, be creative and inspiring with stuff I will never ever have the time use.  Its time to let go and immediately, I feel better.  Its wonderful to mind cleanse.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Driven by negative thoughts whilst deep in the creative process.

As a year round sea/river swimmer and hiker often going out at night,  I was not happy with the range of hats on sale with the ability to be visible and keep head warm in the sea as well as a bit quirky and unique.  The answer was to design my own.

Last night I was working late into the night sewing on my machine making my new hi-vis neon swim/hiking hats.  Tweaking and improving the design before adding a range for sale.   Will probably need to make about 20 hats before I am happy with one I can use as a general template.  This is good news for my outdoor friends whom I will give the prototypes too!

Actually promoting my new hat range is not the reason of writing this blog post, the reason I am writing it is because late last night it occurred to me I was being driven by negative thoughts whilst deep in the creative process.   I was having thoughts about things that were highly personal, for example people who had upset me, recalling deeply unpleasant word by word conversations and actions, upsetting news concerning family and friends and past sad personal situations which only surface when deep in the creative process.   Thinking back to the start of my professional creative life in 1984, I recalled in each instance when developing something new and challenging,  my creative drive was coming from personal anxieties, angst and sad situations.  I was really surprised by this.  Has anyone else experienced it?

I would like to add that this emotion only occurs to me when developing something new, not when design is sorted.   Once design sorted, the creative process of making is always with calmness, positivity and happy thoughts.

Interesting stuff.

Images below of some of my new Hi-vis neon outdoor hats:  Each one is unique. Two pics of me wearing on Dartmoor a couple of days ago.  Further information will be posted on my website in due course: