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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Create a patchwork quilt using large hexagons. Part 5

Quick update on Part 4.  Creating rosettes.

Part 4 gave some guidance on creating hexagon rosettes.   I am backing this up with a couple of photos which demonstrate the loop at the back.  This saves breaking thread and starting again.
I hope the photos below speak for themselves:

Arrange hexagons into rosette

Select centre hexagon (1)  and one outer hexagon (2)  Sew together

Add third hexagon and sew (2 to 3)

Instead of breaking thread, create a loop.  Secure with 2 or 3 stitches at each end, and take the needle to join (1)  and (3)

Hope the above demonstrates in a clearer fashion.

The design process continues.   So many options and variations.   The only way to achieve your happy combination is to lay the hexagons out and keep looking at them.   The two photos below demonstrate the dilemma.  I am  not happy with either.   Needs lots more thought and rearranging.   I also plan to make more leaf rosettes as they tone the overall look down.

Patchwork paper templates can be purchased from  10cm hexagons have been used in this work.

Part 6. will continue with the design process.

Rosettes in a line

Rosettes placed at random.

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