Monday, 25 February 2013

Tatting (Frivolite) Vintage samples from my collection.

 A short post script from previous blog:

Sorting through the boxes in my collection, I discovered these fine works of Tatting with a Tatting Shuttle. 

For those who remember Fleet Street, Torquay in the early 1960's, Mrs Tregale had a needlework/haberdashery shop on The Terrace (now occupied by a Pattiserie).  
It was a treasure trove of haberdashery curiosity.

As a child I remember being in awe of the stacked cardboard boxes from floor to ceiling.    This fragile agile aged lady with white hair and a gentle smile would slide a  a wooden ladder into position, then climb to slowly reach the top,  delve into a box and remove the exact contents requested.  The boxes looked identical with small labels. 

The tatting shuttle shown was purchased from Mrs Tregale. I begged my mother to teach me. Unfortunately my patience did not take to this fine art of needlework. 

The perfectly created Tatted collar has a price label of 10 shillings.  

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