Monday, 4 February 2013

Ok, so the situation is.........decided to write a blog about waistcoats.   My waistcoats, or to put correctly  75 waistcoats that I have in my studio and about 850 waistcoats that are circulating somewhere around the world.

I would love to know how many still exist, how many still hang in wardrobes, how many are worn with the passion in which they were purchased.  How many where purchased as thoughtful gifts, wrapped beautifully in tissue paper, boxed with colourful ribbons then presented to a beloved with great expectation of pleasure.  In some instances perhaps opening the box was a moment of sheer joy, a genuine trill of "love it" "love it", the waistcoat fits, it works with my black jeans and its just what I need to wear to the music recital.    In other moments,  oh, my god........ private thought "what was she/he thinking of", and the wretched garment was confined to under the Crombie in the wardrobe.


Will be adding more to this "Blog" shortly.  Need to test to see if it works when published.   This is my first attempt!

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