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Sewing Machines: Bernina 730 Record versus Husqvarna Lily 555

Bernina 730 Record versus Husqvarna Lily 555

This blog is my personal view.  It concentrates on a couple of pros and cons of the above sewing machines. If I had to choose one to use as my constant it would be a very difficult decision.  Based on reliability and the fact the tension rarely fails, the Husqvarna would win by a hairline margin.  Based pleasure of using, the Bernina wins hands down.

They are both workhorses and have both been truly hammered over the last 15/20 years.   I can honestly say, apart from a seasonal service neither of them have visited the sewing machine hospital.  Considering how much fabric has passed under those feet, and thread through the spools and loops.

It was love at first sight when the Bernina, called out to me from the shelf at the Exeter Sewing Machine Shop.  The intention was to purchase latest Bernina model but when I saw the Record 730 it took me just two seconds to change my mind.  The Husqvarna was purchased as a spare  but it is now my primary machine.

The two embroidered samples below show machine embroidery by Jackie Wills.  See more 

Bernina 730 Record


The Swiss build is superb, a real looker, no square corners. The latches click, hinges strong, by sound it purrs.

Personal to me:

Bernina Embroidered Horse Mane 
The tapering embroidery stitches, the lever manoeuvre allows for long tapering effect from wide to narrow to nil and back again, creating a graceful uninterrupted line of stitching.

Freehand embroidery using a foot and lowering of the feet is second to none.  I dont need to use an embroidery hoop on thicker fabrics.  I can whizz back, forward and around and around at great speed without the thread breaking.  Effortless and easy.

Removing lint and dust from the inside of the machine is helped by the design of the machine.


Occasionally stitches skip which is annoying when perfect stitching is paramount.  Unpicking is frustrating.  Replacing the needle helps.
As always the case when you need to demonstrate to the sewing machine doctor it sews perfectly!

Husqvarna Lily 555


Heavy, strong, endless variations of stitch can be created by the computerised system.  In my experience very reliable.

Husqvarna embroidered.

Personal to me:  

Freehand embroidery works but is limited, lower the feed teeth does not give fluidity to manoeuvre fabric around and around.   Stitches are neat and reliable.  Many features which make it a joy to use, as a general all rounder.  Stitch memory is particularly useful.


Removing lint and dust from inside machine is limited.

Its great to open the casing to clean the lint, dust and occasional broken threads from the machine.  Also there are points to oil the machine.  Its important not to over lubricate your machine.

Opening this machine makes you appreciate how well it has been designed.

Husqvarna Lily.  Cleaning is limited to removing the spool casing.  The manual says no lubrication (oil) is needed.   Must admit I find this strange with so much use.

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