Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Easy Way to Colour Patchwork Pattern. Fibonacci & Elongated Hexagons EPP

Easy Way to Colour a Patchwork Pattern. Fibonacci & Elongated Hexagons EPP

I have been hand sewing hexagons for over 45 years.  In the old days I would use isometric paper to design hexagon patterns.  This method works well if your hexagons are all the same size.   My packs of hexagon paper templates include hexagon grids for designing and www.patchworktemplates.com has one that can be printed free of charge.   These can be photocopied and coloured in.   

The pattern planning changes when different shapes are used in one design.  Fibonacci and Elongated Hexagons come to mind.  This also applies to other shapes that tessellate.   

There is an easy solution.    Lay paper templates out on a flat surface.   Spend time moving shapes around until your eyes are pleased. This will help visualise colours and structure of pattern.
Photograph arrangement, print onto copy paper and colour with crayons.  

Another option is to photograph, create a digital image on computer, insert photograph onto a paint or desk top publishing document. I use Pages on Macbook.   Using a small coloured shape, duplicate many time and place onto the centre of each paper template.   Print.

See: http://youtu.be/M6ePQYWEQC4

It is really simple and gives room for experimentation before committing to fabric.

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