Monday, 2 February 2015

Create a shoulder bag from Patchwork Sample. Easy make Purse

Create a shoulder bag from Patchwork Sample. Easy make Purse

Recently I have been receiving requests for equilateral triangle patchwork paper templates.   They are not currently listed on my websites but are available upon request.  

I decided to create a sample using triangles and really enjoyed the process.   The sample was too nice to put in the cupboard along with many others, so I decided to create a simple bag with it as a feature.

I chose Ecru canvas as it is a firm fabric ideal for this purpose and compliments the glaze of cotton chintz, although I was concerned that it would look a little "plonked" on so I created a gentle blend by machine embroidering some canvas with pretty stitches then making the canvas into hexagons to add to the bottom and top of the triangle patchwork sample.  

After appliqueing the work onto the canvas I couched some string to add more texture and dimension to the design.   The result worked well.

Instead of a blank back of the bag I did a bit more machine embroidery and added some enhancing chintz to break up the solid colour.

I was tempted to put a zip as a closer for the bag, being honest zips look good but I prefer a strip of velcro inside the lining.   It makes easier access and in my opinion more discreet.

See youtube video clip: I have lots of samples and unfinished projects languishing in my sewing room. This slide shows how to make a bag by adding further embroidery. This idea can be adapted in many ways to suit you. I have sewn the patchwork onto canvas fabric and couched string to add some dimension. The bag is simple. Velcro has been used in favour of a zip and remains hidden within the lined bag. The bag can be made any size to suit your requirements.

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