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Vintage Hexagon Patchwork Project & The Lost Project from the 1980's by Jackie Wills

Vintage Hexagon Patchwork Project & The Lost Project from the 1980's by Jackie Wills

Back in the early 1980's, before I started to use cotton glazed chintz fabric for hexagon patchwork,  I created the Red Themed Patchwork wallhanging shown below.  It comprises of 547 hexagons.  Each hexagon side measures 5/8" or 34mm.   

The other day I came across a small bag of fabric squares, templates and covered hexagons, clearly cherished at the time.  I remember that after finishing the Red Theme,  started on the Blue and made it to about half the size.   

The last time saw it was at Cockington Court where I had a patchwork studio/workshop in 1991/2.  Must have got lost in moving or something like that. Its possible I sold it, long time ago now.  Must have a photo of it somewhere.....

I wonder if it still exists,  if it is enjoyed or at the bottom of a refuse tip.  Who knows......

I created the pattern using an isometric grid and feel that the design is best suited to stripe fabric.  The fabric is an important memory for me as the pretty striped pattern was available in three different colour ways, red, blue and green.  I love the little hearts and "Feather Stitch" detail in the pattern.  

Lightweight cotton fabric was purchased at the Remnant Shop in Torquay.  For those who remember the crowded rows of rolls and rolls of fabric, the smell of the shop, the mass of fabrics to explore on laden shelves.  A chap called Sidney owned the chain of shops, one in Torquay, Paignton and I think Newton Abbot as well.   It was a heavenly place to visit for every kind of fabric imaginable if you could work your way through and find what you were looking for.

I have a video clip with more images to go with this blog:



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