Friday, 5 September 2014

Create a patchwork quilt using large hexagons. Part 8

Create a patchwork quilt using large hexagons. Part 8

Gosh, progress has been slow.  Just checked my last update on this quilt was 2nd May 2014.  Yes, lots  has happened, just short of five months being blissfully married.   The summer has passed in a flash, and sadly the nights are drawing in.   Closed the curtains at 8.30pm last night........its going to be a long long winter.   Thats the negative and now for the positive.  Long dark nights, time to get cracking on the quilt again.

I unwrapped the roll of part sewn work and loose hexagons fell over the bed.   Now, where was I?  The hexagons seemed larger and very very creased.   Straight to the iron.  Creased work is never pleasing to work with.   Immediate reaction is what what I thinking of placing those yellow hexagons either side of the centre.  They screamed at me.  Wrong, wrong wrong.

After the initial shock of seeing the yellow hexagons I took the work downstairs and laid it flat out on the floor to see the full effect.  Not such an eyesore, different light, laid full out the sunshine blobs not too bad.  Going to carry on and see if they eventually work, which I think they will.  Its strange though how, after a break of a few months suddenly mind thinks quite differently.

Thanks for being patient with this assured am back on track for further faster progress.  Its funny my fingers are itching right now to pick up a needle and start work immediately.  Alas time forbids.

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