Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Velvet Patchwork Hexagon Wedding Purse by Jackie Wills

Velvet Patchwork Hexagon Wedding Purse by Jackie Wills

Crikey I have just realised that my last blog was written on 2 May 2014 and it is with apologies that this blog is not going to be a continuation of "Create a patchwork quilt using large hexagons" .  Work has stalled on the large hexagon quilt mainly due to my preference of spending time outdoors whilst the evenings are long and light.  Be assured it will be continued soon.

After 20 years together Gordon, completely out of the blue proposed to me.  Five weeks later we married at Cockington Church which dates back nearly 1000 years.   The marriage was simple and unorganised.   I picked a once worn TK Maxx dress from my wardrobe, bought a new hat and matched it with a pink cravat for Gordon.   The guests were invited the day before (we did not want too many people) and afterwards had tea and coffee at Cocktington Court.  Perfect.

During the reception my mother presented me with a present she had made.   A velvet patchwork hexagon purse.

It is made of 19 hexagons (a rosette of seven plus another round of 12). Another round of hexagons, half folded over finishes it off.   It is lined with sateen and a cord drawstring has been inserted.  Two velvet bobbles attached to the end of each drawstring.   Finished off with a row of individually sewn faux pearls and further crochet embroidery.   The colours are rich and vibrant, and the texture luxurious and soft.   

Below the faux pearls beautifully hand sewn on to the edge of the purse,  a row of crochet embroidery and drawstring can  also be seen.

Knowing my love for hexagons, this is the perfect wedding gift that my mother bestowed to me.  It will remain precious and cherished for the rest of my life.  

Below: Gordon and I arriving at Cockington Church for our wedding.

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