Sunday, 2 November 2014

Create a patchwork quilt using large hexagons - Backing. Part 12

Create a patchwork quilt using large hexagons - Backing. 

Part 12

Time has now arrived to think about putting a backing onto the patchwork quilt.   There are many well documented methods to do this.  I am going to demonstrate my method.  

The whole point of quilting is to keep the top, centre and backing layers together.   I am not using a centre layer of wool or wadding in this instance as the hexagons are made of upholstery weight fabrics and I do not want my work to be too heavy.   I am just backing my work by tacking first then using a sewing machine to keep the two layers together.  

I have made a video clip to accompany this method.

I find it easier to work in sections and on an ironing board.  My ironing board is waist height and is 17.5" wide.   Using chosen backing fabric, cut a wide strip of fabric about the width of the ironing board and allow a couple of inches extra either side of your work.  Keep patchwork and backing well pressed.

Tack section as shown in the video clip. Horizontally and vertically, starting in the centre.

There should be very little or no puckering.  More tacking makes easier work in the long run.  The finished result should look like images below: 

After tacking ensuring the layers are kept together firmly, I can now start the process of machine quilting.  My next blog will demonstrate how.  

Repeating the link for the video demonstration again:

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