Friday, 24 October 2014

Create a patchwork quilt using large hexagons. Part 11

Create a patchwork quilt using large hexagons. Part 11

Progress seems to be a bit slow but I am pleased with this progress.  I put work on the intended bed. It looked lovely in the sunshine, and the colours work so well with matching Gosford curtains,  however my gut feeling is that its going to totally overpower the room.  I have reviewed my plans.   This will not be a full size bed quilt as intended but instead I am opting for a smaller coverlet.  I want to keep the gentle tones and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

Adding the border, sewing hexagons into strips and then sewing one long length down the side of the patchwork.
Removing papers:   Soon my borders will be
complete and now they have been partially added I can remove some of the papers.   This will make the work lighter and easier to carry around.
Using a seam ripper or sharp pair of small scissors break the tacking cotton and remove it.  The paper hexagon should just fall out.  If it does not give it a gentle tug and it should come away easily.   Only remove papers one or two hexagons away from the border, i.e. in the centre of work.
 Paper happily removed.  Crumpled, yes very, due to being moved around and folded whilst working.  The edges of the paper hexagon are still intact, demonstrating that the stitches sewing the hexagons together have been small and fine.  I am not saying this method will work for every hexagon.

The papers used are 10cm point to point across the centre (each side measures 5cm) and can be purchased from  Lots of other sizes and shapes available from this website.
The above template has been recycled by ironing it.   Use a moderate temperature and always iron over a cloth.   Paper template, cover with a cotton handkerchief or piece a fine cotton fabric then iron.   Do not use steam.   As demonstrated the creases have been removed and with care, paper template can be used again.

I have made a short video clip to go with this blog:

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