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Sunday, 9 February 2014

My last hexagon quilt. Big hexagons, fast work.

My last hexagon quilt.  Big hexagons, fast work.

I honestly thought I would not make another hexagon quilt.  This quilt is being created out of frustration of not being able to buy a bedcover to match curtains and carpet in our newly decorated  bedroom.  I do not have masses of time or the real inclination to make a big effort for this bedcover, neither do I want  it to be an expensive project.

Two sets of ready made curtains were purchased from Laura Ashley.  I just love the Gosford Cranberry design. The back window is smaller than the front, so I split a curtain in two which left one large curtain to make into a bed cover.   The floral design and colours looked great on the bed, but the curtain did not look nice.  It creased and is flimsy.  I searched for a ready made bedcover without success.  Nothing seemed to match the room and Laura Ashley could not help.

Reluctantly this weekend I have decided to create my last hexagon quilt.   Searching through my fabric stash I matched the spare curtain with some textured upholstery fabrics. The curtain and upholstery fabrics are different in weight and I am hoping this will create dimension.      I also purchased half a metre of Gosford Cranberry with a looser weave plus a matching stripe colour-way off the roll.  For speed I am going to use 10cm hexagons, each side measuring 5cm.  See

chosen fabric with 10cm hexagons on Gosford Cranberry curtain.
I plan to update this blog frequently with my progress.   The hexagon patchwork design has not been planned yet.  

Laura Ashley Gosford Cranberry curtain on bed.

My first hexagons were sewn 45 years ago and my work since then has been well documented, see and

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