Thursday, 16 January 2014

Turning a negative into a positive frame of mind.......swim

Turning a negative into a positive frame of mind.......swim

Woke up this morning after a disturbed night, this black cloud of negativity.  The news, the porridge, my weight, everything was wrong.   Wrapped in duvet type coat, faux fur hat, ski mittens and crocs walked out into the hailstorm.   Sugar lump ice everywhere.    Headed for the sea and undressed by the wall.   Bright pink swimsuit, swim gloves and sea shoes and waterproof camera in hand.  White splash hit the promenade.   There was no one else around.

The parallel railings and steps beckoned.   Unfortunately the rain had stopped and some sunshine bloomed in the distance.  Another disappointment, wanted to swim in the rain and preferably hail stones.  

Oh, the joy of the sea.  Negativity jumped to positivity in seconds.  Wow, so lucky, loving it, the bounce, the salt, the crest of each wave.   Exhilaration from the core.  The sea lifting me effortlessly over the waves.   Made my way along the roller coaster until I hit target second set of railings.  Body now warmed by the exercise in the 11 degree sea, pace and stroke moving faster for another 10 minutes.  Heavy thunderous clouds above, tempted to stay in longer to catch the rain in the sea.  Alas need to get out, getting cold.   Changed quickly and headed home faster than the journey to my destination.   Positive energy flowing.  Straight into work,  creativity bounding out of me and oh, so so positive.  Thank you sea.

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